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At a Valuation of $1.07 Billion 'Perplexity AI' Raised $62.7M funding

'Perplexity AI' is a new age AI search engine startup it has recently raised a significant $62.7 million in funding round
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What Is 'Perplexity AI'?

'Perplexity AI' is an AI search engine startup and AI-chatbot. It was launched in 2022, Perplexity can generate answers with the sources available in the web and cites links with the text response.

At a Valuation of $1.07 Billion 'Perplexity AI' Raised $62.7M funding

About The Funding Round

'Perplexity AI' is a new age AI search engine startup it has recently raised a significant $62.7 million in funding round, this funding is led by Daniel Gross, the former head of AI at Y Combinator. There are well known investors such as Stan Druckenmiller, NVIDIA, Jeff Bezos, Tobi Lutke, and Garry Tan, among others.

This investment round has made Perplexity's valuation to $1.04 billion, which is representing a significant milestone for the company. Aravind Srinivas is the Co-founder & CEO of Perplexity, he said the startup is aiming to leverage this capital to expand their user base within users.

The Startup was Established in 2022 by Andy Konwinski, Denis Yarats, Johnny Ho, and Aravind Srinivas, this San Francisco-based startup which is revolutionizing the search engine scene by using the power of AI and chatbot technologies.

They are leveraging by cutting-edge language models like GPT-4, Claude 3, and Mistral Large, along with personalized models, Perplexity AI is offering a unique search experience. It provides direct and precise answers to user queries, and complete with reliable information and source citations.

Perplexity AI Partnerships

Perplexity AI has built significant collaborations with global giants including Deutsche Telekom and SoftBank. This is a strategic move aimed towards bringing its innovative search engine to a vast global audience of 116 million users.

They are introducing the Perplexity Enterprise Pro plan, Perplexity is serving to the demands of the enterprise market. They priced at $40 per month which is $400 annually per, this plan offers a host of features personalized to meet the needs of businesses.

The plan includes are advanced security measures such as SOC2 certification, single sign-on integration, and strict data retention policies. The launch has attracted significant interest from a range of customers, including industry leaders like Databricks, Stripe, Zoom, and HP.

Its recent advancements and rapid expansion, Perplexity AI is competing a challenge to established players like Google in the search engine arena. The company is driven with a mission to enhance knowledge discovery for users worldwide, thereby improving efficiency and at the same time accessibility to information.

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