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Adil Qadri Perfumes, It started by Adil Qadri himself,
He is a leader in selling of their branded fragrances online. His journey from fixing computers and to becoming an expert in Digital Marketing is quite impressive. Even though he left school early, he learned himself how to market things online properly. Adil started earning money through various activities like writing blogs or selling products online, and promoting other people's products. But at a time he realized that he wanted to create something important. 
He got the idea from his dad's shop, where they sold Attar.

Adil Qadri Perfumes - Shark Tank India 3 - InvestNagar

About The Startup & The Founder:-

Attar, also known as ittar, comes from the Persian word "itir," meaning perfume. He started working from his home, Adil Qadri spent months and months perfecting his own perfume recipes to make them more attractive for customers. He tested with free samples, which he gave to friends and family in Bilimora and then Adil Qadri adjusted his products based on their reviews & feedbacks.

He started his own perfume brand in 2019, Adil Qadri aimed to bring everyone high-quality premium fragrances. Adil Qadri is inspired by his father, who worked in the perfume industry for so many years, His goal to make traditional scents more and more appealing to younger customers or Gen Z.

Finishing 5th grade, He used his business skills and knowledge of digital/online marketing to create a good website and distribute the word about his perfumes. He started with just 20 orders in 2019, Adil Qadri has now sold more than 14 lakh orders, earning around Rs 7 crores in monthly revenue. Adil Qadri has already opened 15 stores in India and Dubai, and also continues to sell his products online.


Adilqadri Perfumes sells attar perfumes online, it is inspired by traditional scents. Adil Qadri, The founder asked for ₹1 crore for a 2% share in the company in Shark Tank Pitch. Though the Sharks were interested in the beginning, they were mainly worried about the thing that how much big the market is. The founder Adil Qadri expects this to make ₹80-90 crores by 2024.


Adil Qadri Perfumes


₹ 1 Crore for 0.5% equity


Adil Qadri

Final Deal

₹ 1 Crore for 1% equity with royalty

Shark Onboarded

Vineeta Singh


As the conversation continues more, Sharks found a problem that the company was spending a lot on advertising and also had borrowed money. Anupam, Amit, and Aman didn't want to invest because of this and they get out of this deal. But Shark Vineeta Singh was still interested in that deal. She offered ₹1 crore for a 1% Equity, but
with a condition that the company has to spend less on ads to pay off the debt. She also gets a 1% Royalty of the company's earnings until her ₹1 crore is paid back.

In the end of The deal, Vineeta Singh closed the deal by investing ₹1 crore into Adil Qadri Perfumes for a 1% ownership stake. She'll also get a 1% share of the company's earnings until her ₹1 crore investment is recovered.

Shark Tank India Season 3 is streaming on Sony LIV.

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