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'Hyperlab' Sports Technology Startup Improving Athlete's Performance - Shark Tank India S3

'Hyperlab' is a startup that's creating some top-notch sports tech products. They have their star product, Helios
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Sports Technology Startup - 'Hyperlab' Improving Athlete's Performance - Shark Tank India S3

'Hyperlab' Sports Technology Startup Improving Athlete's Performance - Shark Tank India S3

What Is Hyperlab?

'Hyperlab' is a startup that's creating some top-notch sports tech products. They have their star product, Helios, Now the question is 'What is Helios?' It is a smart robot that is to make athletes better by shining laser dots for them to chase. This helps athletes to keep track on their moves and analyze how they're doing so they can improve.

What is so cool about Helios, You might have question, is it gives a bunch of info on how an athlete is doing, it covers everything from ability to stamina to reflexes. Not like other fitness gadgets that mostly focusing on building strength, Helios gives a broader picture of training.

Helios gathers more data than other similar devices, it makes a more well-rounded tool for athletes who are looking to level up.

About The Industry

The fitness and sports training sector is always evolving with new tech and innovations, but there is still a big gap in the market for high-tech training gear that goes beyond regular fitness gadgets.

Traditional machines used in gyms or for fitness are while common and good for strength, they don't help much with crucial performance factors like ability, reflexes, and stamina.

This gap is a big chance for new ideas like 'Hyperlab' , especially for those who want to improve athletic performance in more precise ways. The current solutions for tracking and improving athletic performance frequently don't give athletes the detailed data, which is needed for their better training.

This gap affects how athletes train, and also make a limit of their ability to reach their best.

The demand for sports tech rising in India, the need for a device that helps these specific training needs,
To fill this gap, Chahil Patel and Hitarth Parikh started 'Hyperlab', a startup from Ahmedabad. They made Helios, which uses a laser pointer to measure strength, reflexes, and stamina for athletes and fitness fans.

About The Founders

Hitarth Parikh, is an industrial designer, He specializes in merging technology with sports at the grassroots level. He previously served as a Product Designer at Studio Carbon.

Chahil Patel, is currently heading research and development (R&D) at Hyperlab, He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology, Electronics, and Communication. He has also previously served as the head of Research and Development at Studio Carbon.
Hyperlab, get spotlight on Shark Tank India, and it was launched in January 2022.
The Making of Hyperlab back to 2021 when Hitarth Parikh collaborated with Chahil Patel, Their partnership was born out because of Parikh's personal involvement in sports and the identification of a market gap for advanced fitness gadgets which are capable of measuring ability, reflexes, going beyond traditional gym equipment.

Next Plans

Hyperlab is working on B2B model, they are collaborating with many gyms, fitness centers, and sports clubs, and some partnerships. The Price of their Helios device at Rs 30,000 to Rs 45,000 for institutional customers and Rs 45,000 for individual consumers. Currently, the startup is self-funded and has appeared on Shark Tank India Season 3.

Hyperlab is aiming to sell 3,000 devices by the end of 2024 and is developing other products for swimming, football, and cricket, personalized to the specific needs of each sport. The competition from US-based Blazepod, Hyperlab's Helios offers more complete data for athletic training.

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