Honest Home Company - Shark Tank India Season 3 Ep 1 - InvestNagar

Honest Home Company - Shark Tank India Season 3 Ep 1 - InvestNagar

Honest Home Company - Shark Tank India Season 3 Ep 1 - InvestNagar

ABOUT THE STARTUP:- The Honest Home Company: Making Eco-Friendly Living Easy

Hey Everyone! I think you had already heard of The Honest Home Company, Right? They're so many people who are super passionate to make the planet a better place to live. And guess what? They came up on the stage on Shark Tank India S3!

So, what was their deal?

Well, they're all about making a simple thing for everyone to live a more eco-friendly life. By  using less plastic, avoiding awful chemicals, and also being kind to the Earth.

Sometimes, When trying to be eco-friendly may feel like a big difficult or sometimes it cost a lot of money. But with The Honest Home Company! They're all about making this things easy and also affordable for you to make green choices.

Think: Everyday, tons and tons of plastic turn out to be in our landfills and oceans, especially here in India. It's a huge problem! But The Honest Home Company trying to solve that problem. They've a whole range of products, from kitchen stuff to cool home decorations, that things are likely good for you and good for the planet.

What's their motto?

Less waste, more smiles! They want to help you reduce your impact on the environment without sacrificing your quality or style. Plus, they are bringing people together who care about the Earth and want to make a difference.

Their recent appearance on Shark Tank India Season 3 is looking like beginning. They're on a mission to change the world that being eco-friendly can be fun, easy, and totally helpful. So, keep your eyes sharp eye for The Honest Home Companythey're here to save the day, one green choice at a time!



The Honest Home Company

Shark Onboarded

Amit Jain


₹1 crore for 2% equity

Final Deal

₹1 crore for 3% equity with royalty


Mayank Sisodia

On Shark Tank India, Mayank Sisodia talked about his cool floor cleaner. It's not like the regular liquid ones; his is in powder form, which you just mix with water to use. Plus, it's super affordable! While other cleaners cost around 225 Rs per liter, Mayank's only costs 70 Rs per liter to make.

He wanted 1 Crore Rs for 2% of his company, which he said was worth 50 Crores Rs. Everyone liked the packaging, but the low profit margin (only 4%) was a concern. Still, Mayank's company had good sales of 14 Crores Rs in the last year, with lots of repeat customers.

Vineeta and Anupam liked the idea and offered to invest 4% in exchange for some royalties. But Amit wanted to invest alone and offered a little less. In the end, Mayank went with Amit's deal of 1 Crore Rs for 3% of the company, plus royalties.

Mayank Sisodia impressed on Shark Tank India Season 3 with his determination, creativity, and business smarts. He showcased a unique floor cleaner and stressed its affordability. Mayank's ability to talk money and negotiate got him a deal with Amit Jain.

About Founder :- 

Mayank Sisodia appeared on Shark Tank India Season 3 to talk about his startup, The Honest Home Company. He explained that his main goal is to reduce the use of plastic bottles for household items. During his pitch, he mentioned that he tried to get funding from over 80 investors but didn't succeed. Some people even doubted him because of his background in sales.
Mayank started his career at Parle Products Private Limited, then worked at Hindustan Unilever, and later joined Kapiva Ayurveda. He said he played a big role in helping Kapiva make 1 crore in revenue each month within a year, showing his determination and business skills despite facing challenges.

Shark Tank India Season 3 is streaming on Sony LIV.

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