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Honasa Consumer Launches GenZ-Focused Makeup Brand Staze

Honasa Consumer, led by Ghazal Alagh and known for brands like Mamaearth, introduces 'Staze,'
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Honasa Consumer Launches GenZ-Focused Makeup Brand Staze: Aiming for Accessibility and Quality

Honasa Consumer Launches GenZ-Focused Makeup Brand Staze


Honasa Consumer, led by Ghazal Alagh and known for brands like Mamaearth, introduces 'Staze,' a new colour cosmetics brand targeting Indian women aged 18-24. With a focus on innovation and affordability, Staze features proprietary C-Lock technology promising long-lasting wearability. Priced competitively at under Rs 300, Staze aims to offer accessible luxury to its digital-savvy demographic. The digital-first approach ensures easy access to Staze products across leading e-commerce platforms. The launch of Staze aligns with Honasa's strong financial growth and commitment to meeting market demands with innovative beauty solutions.

Key Points:

  • Honasa Consumer, parent company of Mamaearth, launches 'Staze,' a GenZ-focused colour cosmetics brand.
  • Staze aims to capture a share of India's colour cosmetics segment by offering high-quality, affordable products.
  • The brand introduces proprietary C-Lock technology for 12-hour wearability, promising unmatched colour payoff and protection.
  • With an average pricing of under Rs 300, Staze targets young Indian women seeking innovation and quality at affordable prices.
  • Staze's product lineup includes a three-in-one bullet lipstick, priced starting at Rs 449, alongside other innovative offerings.
  • The brand adopts a digital-first approach, making its products available on its website and leading e-commerce platforms.
  • Staze's launch follows Honasa's impressive financial performance, with a 264% increase in net profit in the quarter ended December FY24.
  • The launch of Staze demonstrates Honasa's commitment to meeting consumers' evolving beauty needs with innovative and accessible solutions.
  • Staze aims to cater to the digital-savvy GenZ demographic, leveraging its digital presence for widespread accessibility.
  • As Honasa expands its portfolio, Staze adds to the company's mission of offering innovative and affordable beauty solutions to a diverse consumer base.
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